Monday, May 11, 2015

Reflection Post

I have not done as well on this project as I could.  The first mistake I made was saying I would do something I was not completely prepared for.  As can be seen in the first few blog posts, I did not even have a good handle on the basics of fourth or fifth declension or on anything past second conjugation.  I also had very little experience with translation outside of translating the passages set to me in my textbook, which are edited especially for a student with a beginner's skills.  Up until a couple months ago I also did not fully understand the fact that translating a passage word for word results in a very poor translation.  Looking at the first few songs now causes me to cringe.
The second mistake I made was failing to choose a proper piece to translate.  Songs from a musical are all well and good but are not the best material to learn Latin on.  In retrospect I wish I had chosen something more reasonable, such as a short story we read in class or certain passages out of books, not just random songs from a musical.
The third and largest mistake I made was being lazy.  Every time I had a blog post due I would do as little work as possible.  I only posted translations when I absolutely had to and I did very little work when I was given time in class.  The songs I did translate were chosen because they were short, full of repetition, and full of vocabulary I already knew.  When I did eventually get around to translating, I put very little care into them.  Many words did not have Classical equivalents and I did not expend the effort needed to find Neo-Latin words, resulting in a very rough translation.  When typing up the translations, I was careless with spelling and can see many errors. 
I wish I had done many things different.  I wish I had chosen a project more within my range of abilities.  I wish I had actually expended effort instead of doing the bare minimum required to get a good grade.  I wish I had realized that this was something I should look back upon fondly, not something I could just blow off because I didn't feel like buckling down and working.
This is not to say I learned and did absolutely nothing during this project.  Once I understood the intricacies of translation, I began to enjoy it very much.  I feel proud of the few songs I translated well.  I am just ashamed of all the mistakes I made and wish I could fix.